Schultz home

Lancaster, Wisconsin

I have had this Schultz manufactured home, and I am very dissatisfied with this house. I have had counter tops replaced which are really cheap ***.

Now one is stating to warp over the dishwasher, I had a leak by one Of the sky light windows I have replaced almost the whole floor that was cheap carpet I put in laminate flooring. I have had trouble with most of the appliances., and right now there is no electric in the so called island in the kitchen. The whole house is ***. If I had my way I would take my old manufactured home, and get new cupboards, and a new furnace in it.

At least the house wasn't falling apart. I am sorry but I have nothing good to say about this house. I had a couple other manufactured homes.

And at least they were built better then this home. But now I am stuck with this d___house .

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